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It is also possible to combine GSC GA. Thanks to this, it will be easier to compare the data collect by both tools. The latest version of this service is Google Analytics The main change introduc is the collection of information about the website application by using events, not session-bas data as before. From July , , this version will become the only one available. Google Ads keyword planner The work of an SEO specialist is not only about monitoring website parameters. It also includes the selection of appropriate key phrases for which a given page should rank. The Google Ads Keyword Planner comes in hy here This tool enables checking the average monthly number of searches for any given phrases, as well as their seasonality.

This allows for efficient keyword analysis

Which is extremely important in the context of SEO. In the Planner, you can enter up to phrases at a time or paste a URL link to a given subpage for Senegal Phone Number List which you are looking for them. In addition, you can easily change the language of the search words the country in which you want to check their potential. keyword input field in Google Ads Keyword Planner The best paid tools for SEO specialists Although the above free SEO tools are quite popular, the vast majority of specialists cannot imagine working without solutions that must be paid for. They are an important complement to the information obtain from free sources.

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The basic paid tools supporting positioning

Process include Ahrefs, Senuto Screaming Frog Ahrefs Ahrefs is a real treasury of knowlge about the most important parameters of a given domain. The main BTC Database EU function this tool is known for is the ability to perform inbound link analysis. Thanks to this, you can easily check how your your competitors’ link building looks like. Ahrefs also allows you to review the keywords for which the given page is visible shows the approximate value of traffic on it. In addition, it runs its own domain ranking , which takes link strength as a criterion. Ahrefs offers several packages with different extensions depending on the price. There are options for per month.

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