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If you want to conduct activities also on the Display Network. Set up a separate campaign only for the Display Network. Additionally, during the Google Ads account audit, verify the settings Devices – You can choose which devices your ad will appear on. If the ling page is not adapt to mobile devices the user leaves it quickly, it is better to disable targeting to mobile. You can do it in the devices tab – rate adjustment for mobile phones – Location – Whether the you to the right location. Language – The default language is Polish, but it is worth considering the English language as well. More more people use the English-. Ad schuling – By default, the schule is empty, meaning the ad runs all week.

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If your business has specific working hours or days of the week. You might want to consider enabling ad schuling. Google Ads ad schuling Bidding – check if the set bidding strategy is align with your advertising goal, it focuses on increasing the number of conversions Romania Phone Number List if this is the main goal of the campaign. Daily budget – check if your daily budget for the campaign is not limit. Analyze your impression share on the Search Network. If this indicator is low, it means that your ad is shown too rarely you ne more budget to reach more. Step – Check if you are measuring conversions.

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To know if  Google Ads campaign

Meets business goals, you ne to define create these goals in your ad account beforeh. Only then will the Google Ads advertising system “know” whether the users acquir from the advertising campaign achieve these goals. The business goal that we can measure BTC Database EU on the website is, for example, filling out a contact form, making a purchase in an online store, downloading a file, making a phone call. You can check Google Ads conversion settings by going to tools settings conversions. In this step conversions defin (main business goal); Conversion tracking status.

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