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Alk about safety High-profile cases of leaks or theft of information from large websites have captur the imagination of data administrators and business owners. Meanwhile, firstly, these cases are high-profile due to the size of the affect entities ( Amazon, Facebook, Steam), secondly, cloud technology is becom more and more airtight (precisely because of these high-profile cases), and thirdly, the threats pale in comparison to benefits: spe of information exchange, flexibility, possibility of cooperation of people from all over the world, or significantly lower costs. Security is no longer.

The number one fear of the cloud

The percentage of IT managers who consir cloud security as a serious problem dropp to % in ; in the same year, % of organizations stor confintial or sensitive data in the cloud. Point out new possibilities A natural feature of services provid in the cloud Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List mol is their continuous velopment – primarily functional velopment. However, it cannot be expect that the moment they are introduc to the offer, the client will immiately pay attention to them and see the ne to use them in current work. Show new possibilities thanks to new system functionalities is the task of the supplier –  is responsible for ongo contact with the customer.

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Representative or sales assistant who

Sales especially in the IT area, is a time-consum process. An effective and technologically advanc system is one th – meet the specific nes and expectations of the market that nes these solutions is another. This cannot be achiev without listen to the voice of the customer – act not only as a seller, but also as an advisor. And that’s what every cloud sales representative BTC Database EU should keep in mind before mak their first call. Gamification, otherwise known as gamification or gamification, are mechanisms taken from computer and role-play games. They are us for long-term influence on people’s behavior in non-gam situations, aim at increas their involvement (flow) in activities in which they participate. Gamification at work has been successfully us for years.

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