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The articles later will constantly work on the company’s image or. The popularity of their products / services. Many companies / freelancers forget that the sponsor article must be interesting provide the recipient with knowlge that he will be able to use. If he focuses only on praising the advertis entity, the reader will pass by him indifferently. Advantages It brings mutual benefits for the advertiser increasing awareness of its br for the recipient new, useful knowlge The costs of sponsor articles are relatively low can be quickly recoup A nonstard type of advertising can distinguish a given company from the competition increase its cribility. Defects An improperly prepar article.

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About products services can spoil the image of the company in the eyes of the recipient The customer can notice become aware that he is reading an advertisement, which can quickly give up reading One article is not enough you should invest in several texts in different places of publication. an example of a sponsor article on the. Website An List of US Mobile Phone Numbers example of sponsor material on the. Dziendobry. Portal Advertising banners It is the oldest most popular form of online advertising. A rectangular or square banner can take the form of a dynamic, static, graphic, animat or video. Advantages Having a good idea can effectively encourage the recipient to visit the website It has a wide range.

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Defects It often covers important

Elements on the page, which quickly causes. Annoyance among Internet users The surfeit of advertising banners on the Internet can be a nuisance, so that recipients do not pay attention to the content contain therein. Newsletter One of the most popular BTC Database EU forms of email marketing. Many companies rely on this form of communication in their marketing activities, forgetting that there is a really fine line between email us for marketing purposes spam. You ne a professionally prepar strategy that will allow you to reach the customer help in sales. Good emails must combine both informative persuasive functions which will encourage the purchase of specific services products.

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