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There’s a good reason for this: between those channels, which still account for nearly 50% of all digital advertising spend, you have huge audiences and engagement capabilities at every point in the funnel. All told, that’s a perfect focal point for companies in the early stages of growth. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, every day is an opportunity Make it fit the season and your creative spirit. Offer discounts when possible and consider adding touch points that you usually won’t. Simple Ways You Can Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Deck the halls with automation bells

Automating tasks during the busy holiday season is like having a team of elves working behind the scenes. The easiest Greece Phone Number List place to start is your email marketing automation that includes both new user engagement, like welcome emails and newsletter sign-up, cart abandonment email sequences, and even cold email campaigns to try and color new potential customers. Then look into operational automation to help with order processing, customer service and even fulfillment service, internally or externally. You can even automate new campaign creation based on user engagement with advanced AI tools available today. Ways to Automate Your Business and Boost Efficiency Embrace the AI wonderland.

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Turbocharge your holiday content

If you haven’t danced with AI yet, now’s the time to tango harness AI tools to craft personalized content that resonates. You can use predictive analytics to predict what products a customer might fancy India Phone Number List next or let chatbots be your brand’s elves to offer instant assistance and tailored product recommendations around the clock. It all comes with a lot of setup, so get started. Also, it’s not just about selling. AI can help analyze sentiment, helping you craft messages that strike the right chord. With AI insights, you can tweak and optimize content for maximum emotional impact. Plus, if you’ve got massive amounts of data but little time to sift through, AI tools can be your Rudolph, guiding the way. They can identify patterns, giving you invaluable insights about where to focus your marketing energy. It’s kind of strange to be the proprietor of my own.

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