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The content should not be just a block of text – you can spice it up by using bullet points emoticons. This will make the entry clearer more pleasing to the eye. LinkIn allows you to add a comment reaction in the form of a classic like several other variants under each emphasiz that the number of reactions, comments shares significantly affects the portal’s algorithm. This algorithm then determines the organic reach, thanks to which your publications can reach a wider audience. sample post on LinkIn that includes an emoji The content should be sufficiently engaging not only because of the algorithm, but also because of the possibility of building relationships with other users.

This Therefore worth betting on

An interesting beginning that will immiately catch the reader’s attention. means that your publications should encourage commenting expressing your own view on a given topic. You can get it by posting questions or asking for feback in the comments. In addition, you can ask your network of contacts to recommend interesting industry websites or other Singapore Phone Number List sources of knowlge. It is also worth responding to your recipients’ comments – this will allow you to continue the discussion strengthen the relationship. Content enrichment – photos video Posts articles on LinkIn can be enrich with photos video materials Like reactions, comments shares, they positively affect the algorithm.

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Worth using them in your publications

Also because they are a great complement to the content. In addition, they can catch the user’s attention encourage him to read the post. an example post on LinkIn that includes a graphic Depending on the topic, you can adapt the appropriate graphics to BTC Database EU it. It may contain in a condens way the discuss data, statistics or the most important facts. It is worth taking care of their aesthetics, because this element allows them to st out from other posts. You can also post your own photos, from events you participat in. The video form is ideal for a broader presentation of an interesting topic or for creating a guide. Therefore, audiovisual materials allow you to present your knowlge in the field of industry issues.

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