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How to fulfill them? All you ne is a few proven strategies. Which we scribe below. How to achieve higher sales goals without additional budget ? Leveraging your existing customer base. Without the entire lead generation process, we can significantly increase the sales of our. Products or services by offering them to current customers who have been inactive recently for some reason. How to do it? The entire process is scrib below Telemarketing campaign using the current customer base, how to increase sales without investing in creating a contact base? A phone number database alone is not enough – the more customer tails you have in your hands, the more effective your telemarketing campaign will be.

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If your business has been operating on the. Market for some time and your employees can boast of many sales successes, you certainly have what Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List every call center manager scribes as a cold database of contacts ”. What is it? Database of business contacts to companies or individuals with whom you have already contact. It is the data that was ma available to you in the past and is legally stor in the system ( miniCRM from Focus Telecom will work for this role) that can be us to increase sales today. Where to start? Certainly, the first step should be to make sure that the database of telephone contacts (base of GSM numbers) is still up to date.

Phone Number List

Creating an outbound campaign using

Numbers that may turn out to be inactive is a waste of. Employees’ time and your money. How to prevent it? Using a functionality known as HLR. Thanks to it, we can quickly check the status of the GSM number at the moment and termine whether BTC Database EU it is worth calling it or not. Numbers that turn out to be inactive should be immiately remov from our database of business contacts. In a good call contact center system, this can be done en masse, and the whole operation will not take much time. Updating the personal database and more In the second step, such a cold” contact base should be warm up”. It will be appropriate to create a campaign during.

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