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Always but especially in times of shortage of employees on the market or many challenges currently fac by HR partments, we should remember to provi our employees with a clear picture of their future in the company and the possibility of velopment. What does this mean in practice? A clearly fin career path, the possibility of changing the position to one better suit to skills or character traits, internal and external training are the basic aspects of work that will prove to be a motivator to take up a job in our company or stay in it for longer. Adjust the work mol to the consultants’ expectations Another very important aspect of the employee reality in the call center and BOK partments is the place from which employees perform their duties or the time in which they do it.

The latter is subject to certain limitations

Tworking time to be adjust to the individual situation of a given person. Some of us work better by getting up early in the morning, while New Zealand Phone Numbers List others prefer to sleep in and are more productive in the afternoon. When managing a team, let’s take this into account. The second important factor is the already mention work mol today many companies offer their employees a fully remote or at least a hybrid mol. According to Kincentric research conduct at the end of , as many as of Polish employees prefer to work from the office only or days a week.

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Consiring the various complex aspects

Of functioning on today’s labor market, it is worth consiring enabling employees to adjust the work mol to their preferences and nes. Today it is much easier than not so long ago, thanks to morn technology, including contact center systems, thanks to which the call center and BOK partments can conduct all communication with the company’s BTC Database EU clients. Morn technology can helplack of call center staff The contact center systems mention above are just one of the many possibilities offer by the velopment of technology. pending on the activity of our company, we can adjust the entire set of tools that will significantly facilitate the daily work of consultants, positively affecting their efficiency and increasing results. Let us remember about the aforemention integration of these systems.

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