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The source of the problem here is the omission of the phrase – only one subpage should be optimiz for a given keyword . One subpage can be optimiz for many phrases, but this rule does not work the other way around. Incorrect keyword match  matching of keywords to specific subpages. The flagship example here are pages with an extensive blog. If you write a blog post optimize it for keywords relat to the product or service (sales phrases), there is a high risk of cannibalization. It consists in the fact that users will receive a product (service) a blog post as a result. Considering the intent of the search – those who come to your blog are unlikely to take advantage of your offer, because they will not feel like looking for it on the website.

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If the blog content is much more valuable than the description of the product or service, then all the traffic for keywords relat to it will go to the blog – this is a recipe for problems with sales. Another example, typical for stores, is  with product Dubai Phone Number List keywords. Please note that the product (or service) page should be optimiz for the most specific phrases possible, while the more general ones should be left for the category. No use of localization phrases If you address your offer to the inhabitants of a specific region or city – do not forget to include their name in the content meta data of the website! By omitting them in the keyword analysis process, you risk losing visibility.

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The confusion of category keywords

The area that interests you the most! Wide positioning – constant analysis of keywords If you think that keyword analysis is a one-time task – you have to part with this view as well. The strategy of determining a specific pool of phrases positioning BTC Database EU the site “by list” has long ceas to be us. Currently, it works only for specific, narrowly specializ businesses. The stard is broad positioning – an inseparable element of which is regularly repeat analysis of keywords for individual subpages. SEO is a process that consists in constantly adapting the content of the website to the nes of users.

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