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Having a profile on LinkIn creates a number of opportunities that will help you in many areas of your professional life. It should be not that depending on your nes, you can choose the appropriate type of account. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at their types the functions they offer. Account Types LinkIn has several types of accounts that are dicat to different nes. The basic division includes basic premium accounts In the case of the premium option, it is possible to use one free month of subscription. the types of LinkIn account plans available You can set up a Basic account for free.

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Your personal profile The Career Premium Account is intend for people who are looking for a job. Thanks to it, they have access to the LinkIn Learning knowlge base of valuable video courses. In addition, this account allows you to make contact with recruiters send them messages. The user can also check how he compares to other cidates applying Kenya Phone Number List for the same position. The price with a monthly subscription is per month. The Premium Business Account has the same functions as the Career Account, but additionally provides many options for developing the company. Thanks to it, you can effectively create the image of your br, as well as analyze the results of your company. The price with an annual subscription is per month.

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The Premium Sales Navigator Core

Account is intend mainly for traders sales specialists. It has all the features of the Business Account plus those supporting sales activities. With this account, you’ll be able to track their results progress, as well as reach potential customers. Thanks to it, you will also BTC Database EU gain additional possibilities to search for the target group, access to miniCRM an additional inbox. Please note that once your subscription ends, your messages will disappear from your account. The price with an annual subscription is per month. The Recruiter Lite Premium Account is extremely useful for recruiters who are looking for new employees. This account also has all the features of the Business Account, but puts emphasis on advanc recruitment solutions. Thanks to it, you will be able, for example, to receive alerts about new cidates contact them.

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