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The Finances Online study cit earlier shows that as many as of people prefer to receive text messages from the company. The popularity of SMS is primarily due to the convenience, simplicity almost certainty that our message will not be overlook by the client. SMS works well in many industries, in the manufacturing industry to send notifications about the status of the orr, the upcoming payment date, etc. SMS effectiveness in numbers: of users read SMS within minutes, open rate SMS, Open rate emails, of users respond to SMS, of users respond to email, seconds – average response time to SMS, minutes: average email response time.

The effectiveness of the implementation

The Focus Contact Center platform : fewer miss calls, increase in conversion from leads, increase in the number of outgoing calls by . What you ne to know about SMS campaigns First of all, even one person is enough to implement mass SMS Ireland Mobile Number List campaigns, we do not ne to have a group of consultants, which means that in the long run we save funds for marketing. In the Focus Contact Center SMS campaign implementation system, we can additionally, for example, plan sending in the future, for a specific day time. We also have the option of segmenting the database, sending a personaliz message to individual groups or using geotargeting, thus we can achieve much higher efficiency of activities.

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There are few important things

Keep in mind when planning the sending of an SMS. One of them is to set an SMS text message, the name of the senr (your company) that will be display to the recipient instead of your phone number. If you plan, for example, to collect BTC Database EU opinions in a survey, it is worth using the so-call two-way SMS. This means the possibility of providing a fin feback from the client. At this point, it is worth mentioning the number of characters that can be us in SMS message, this limit is characters, without Polish letters (an SMS contains bits). The use of Polish characters limits the space shortens the character limit to.

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