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Maximally optimiz outbound campaigns, the effectiveness of which will significantly exce calling the customer contact database available in excel. Telemarketing campaign tailor to your contact base How to create an outgoing campaign to a database of telephone numbers prepar in this way? Taking into account the previously set goals, priorities and company profile. An example would be the campaign concerning the database of business contacts. A company operating in B B relations offering software in the SaaS mol can set two main goals for such a campaign upsell – selling additional functionalities or services to customers who have been present in the database as active customers for some time; sales.

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Clients who are present in the database as contacts who have not cid to purchase solutions before (if their company has velop, now has other nes, more employees or the system it us for our first contact with her stopp working). In both of South Korea Phone Numbers List these situations, a telemarketing campaign can be very effective, and the key to this goal is the uptodateness of the business contacts database mention above. Mass mailing to a fin database of contacts All the work done during stages two and three can serve us in other ways as well. If our forms require the customer to share their address with us, this step will be even easier.

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Our consultants should ask for an address to send a marketing offer, and also obtain the client’s consent requir by the GDPR. A fin database of contacts to whom we have an address is an excellent basis for creating a mailing campaign. Using the contact BTC Database EU center system, we can specify the given record attributes, and then send them a series of messages en masse. It is important to correctly termine their number, orr and content. An example may be a series of messages sent by the abovemention company operating in the B B mol. It will start with a message reminding you of our former relations, and will end with a specific offer to contact a representative of the company to which we are writing.

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