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We are us to lik Facebook profiles, add recommendations or  on LinkIn. It is noth more than the use of gamification elements by portal owners, aim at expand the content of websites and additionally satisfy the nes of users belong to a group, as well as the ability to communicate with the owner of the fanpage feback. In addition, the participants involv in the game love to score points and brag about them. An example of the use of gamification can also be seen at the car manufacturer Honda Insight, which reward drivers with green leaves or even trophies for eco-driv the system was call Eco Score. In turn, the manufacturer of Mini cars in Stockholm conduct.

Interactive game Mini Gateway Stockholm

On GTA, consist in look for a virtual car. The main prize was a new Mini mol, and participants were drawn into live and geolocation searches. More than , people participat in the game. people. An undoubt success of the originators was to increase Colombia Mobile Number List the awareness of not only the participants, but also the public opinion about the new Mini mol. Stockholm was also the arena for The Spe ​​Camera Lottery, where drivers were reward for adher to spe limits on monitor streets where spes were ruc by as a result. The principles of gamification were also appli by the creators of CloudFactory – ucat employees of velop countries Goalpost.

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Encourag a healthy lifestyle. Such examples could be multipli. They prove that by engag, reward and hav fun, much better results are achiev. innocent joke, but the implementation of Focus Contact Center allow many of our clients to increase sales by up BTC Database EU to – so it’s worth a try.The Internet of Ths IOT – is an ia that assumes that all vices not only computers, smartphones, tablets are equipp with sensors and communicate with each other, exchang data without human intervention, via the Internet. Does this mean the arrival of a new reality or is it jus Download the ebook.

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