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Are active dedicatd and full of initiative. Europe Week is for them. We should recognize the merits of young people who volunteer to support people in ned, to preserve nature or, simply, who are committd to helping their community. Democracy thrives through volunteerism and altruism.During Europe Week , young people will be at the heart of Albania’s EU integration. Let’s unleash the Power of Youth! CHUANG Updatd on: Eridon Elshani ~ minutes of reading The book “Career Orientation” aims to make students and young people, but also professors and public institutions.

Career and the world in general

Aware of the importance of career USA Phone Number List orientation. This book is short, practical, and easy to digest. I recommend you read it, especially you students who are making plans for your career. In this interview you will learn more about the book and Gentian, its author.How did you come up with the idea to write a book about career guidance?I have worked on the issue of career guidance for ten years with more than high school students, students and NGO programs. During the preparation of these trainings and workshops, I notice the lack of materials in this field. Even in the Albanian language, this book is the first in printed format and so far the only one.

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Then it can be followd by activities

Being myself the author of the BTC Database UK materials of these trainings and workshops, I felt a moral obligation to move more concretely in this field. From the study of this field and always from practical experience, I have come up with a theory of action for career guidance. Career orientation cannot be developed without being preceded by advanced thinking development. Therefore, in the first part of the book, I have brought special chapters that encourage and develop deep thinking, critical thinking, moral dilemmas and the like. Always with activities and concrete examples. And after I can inspire thought about lif.

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