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As a result, the competition benefits from the intensive and long-term work of the marketing partment and its high budgets. The competitor takes over the “ready customer” with faster and better service . “Plge yourself and stand up for yourself” – the old Polish saying is still valid and thus pre-Christmas loans are slowly becoming a permanent element of cember errands. A very profitable element for those lenrs who can quickly and competently serve interest borrowers.Customer . does not wait, does not adapt, willingly prefers the digital world over the real one and is completely skeptical of traditional forms of advertising. He likes to buy online – thanks to people like him.

The Polish Ecommerce market is veloping

The fastest in the European Union with a growth rate of . %. It is worth getting to know . customers closer. smart shopper The term “customer . ” reflects the qualitative difference between the expectations and behavior of Generation X customers and Brazil Mobile Number List their children – Generations Y and Z. Generation X, born in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, means greater patience when shopping and morate use of digital channels. Millennials and today’s “youngest adults” are immers in the Internet hours a day. They expect instant and personaliz service wherever they want it – on Twitter, chat or via a mobile application. But sometimes, pending on the momentary taste – in a stationary store. New era customers are smart.

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They are very skeptical about advertising

But at the same time open to new products and services. From the moment of gaining their attention to the purchase, the path of their activities goes through the search engine – they will check product parameters, user reviews and compare BTC Database EU prices. According to Google, nearly % of Americans do this. In Poland, this percentage reaches – pending on the industry – up to % of Internet users (Gemius report). Customers . know how to search for information very well and it irritates them even more if they do not find it where they should be primarily, on the e-shop website. Full and compelling product scriptions using both words and images – ially also vio – are essential to keep attention.

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