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An IVR helpline was introduc, integrat with the internal. Orr hling system, thanks to which the calling customers can change the parameters of active orrs themselves. A second support line consisting of employees with appropriate competences was creat. The Light Agent function available in the system allows the second support line to receive only those requests that require specific knowlge or skills. The system automatically assigns requests to the appropriate groups or people (bas on previously fin rules criteria). What are the effects of this? Below we present select effects of the implementation of Focus Contact Center in the company Dobrze: Greater control over the process of accepting hling applications. Accepting 100% of notifications address to BOK. Automation of service processes.

Significant relief for the Customer

Service partment of all incoming  are hl without the. Participation of a consultant . More optimal management of duties, teams, sometimes thanks to the possibility of using data from the Focus Contact Center system in BI tools. Morn technologies List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers in transport enabling automation robotization The last category we want to introduce is a special category of systems. These are technologies that have recently gain popularity. This is thanks to the significant impact they have on the transport industry ( not only). There are many different systems that facilitate process optimization, some of them are list below.

Phone Number List

Morn GPS vices wrist scanners

Portable printers, telescopic conveyor belts in combination with appropriate robots. System integration for the transport industry Morn technologies in transport – their use entails an obligation that we must not forget. It is an integration of all us BTC Database EU systems. Thanks to it, we have access to a variety of data, which gives a much wir context, facilitates cision-making, gives completely new possibilities for managing the company. We write more about the benefits of IT systems integration in the articleContact Center in the financial industry.

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