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It is human nature to want to compete, compete with others in orr to win the prize of be the best in a given field. The very participation in the game is also a form of learn. Raph Koster in the book A Theory of Fun for Game sign points out that for learn and improv skills, we are reward by our brain with the production of endorphins. Better chance for the survival of our species. This means that reward learn is part of our nature – the most primal and strongest motivational mechanism. Our brain rewards us more generously when we learn primitive behaviors, such as runn or even fight. This directly results in our positive assessment of games in which mechanics bas on combat.

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Care build management, etc. were us . In addition, in orr for the creat game or its mechanisms us in the creation of a given project to be effective and engage participants to the extent expect by the creators, it should contain three pillars that will meet the Chile Mobile Number List nes of these participants: Fun – unrstood as satisfaction, feel pleasure; Friends – the opportunity to play as part of a community, group, share results, opinions, satisfy the ne for a sense of belong; Feback – receiv quick feback on your actions – correctness of their execution or errors. GAMIFICATION AT WORK – PRESENT FOR YEARS Certain mechanisms of games, us to create human behavior, were us before the era of computers and the Internet.

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Programs bas on collect a mile – American Airlines or British Airlines and about pure competition at work in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland – the so-call work lears who, by work hours above the norm, were reward with corations or BTC Database EU praise. Finally, everyone remembers the gras obtain in primary school and at later stages of ucation – they are also a method of assess our skills, and scor is a form of competition within the members of a given class or school. And what does gamification look like at work.

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