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The basis of IoT is Machine-to-Machine M M communication. Active communication between machines, which is already us in logistics to track parcels or at electricity. Water and gas suppliers to download data from meters in our homes. Analysts prict that the value of the M M market will grow by – annually. Mobile networks are most often us for communication between machines. In , there were about million SIM cards in Poland in the M M mol. Orange, which has a share in the market of M M SIM cards, on March this year. launch a new portal dicat to address to consumers and Orange partners.

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Adjust the temperature at home to monitor the health of the elrly. PricewaterhouseCoopers analysts estimate that by there will be up to billion Costa Rica Mobile Number List vices connect to the Internet in the world, includ computers, smartphones, TV sets, electricity and water meters or refrigerators, and the global market in will be worth USD million. THREATS AND CONCERNS Like any novelty, the Internet of Ths also raises a lot of controversy. And is a driv force for discussion on the security of data, especially sensitive data, which can be us by. Governments or corporations to spy on individuals, or by criminals who.

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Will find out when has us at home. Analogies to the Industrial Revolution of the th century can also be found in the fear of extensive automation of production. Ma possible by the exchange and process of information, which may contribute to the BTC Database EU ruction of employment in enterprises and thus increase unemployment. Virtual Headquarters – a must-have for morn business” > IOT The ia itself is not new – the term Internet of Ths was first us in by Kevin Ashton, co-creator of RFID Radio Frequency Intification.

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