Transforming him into a customer generating

This is due to three factors: real-time communication, the sound of his voice, which makes it easier to remember the interlocutor, ease of communication – we speak faster than we write. It is difficult to assess whether vio chat will gain similar importance, due to its currently too low popularity. The basis for establish a last relationship with the customer is , currently quite easily implement with queu functions in morn communication systems (such as Focus Contact Center ). The possibility of be serv by Mrs. Kasia or Mr. Mirek, who already know our nes perfectly, is often a factor termin the choice of the seller.

What to focus on in communication

With the client telephone in e-commerce service and other channels Customer service over the phone generates higher costs than service in other channels. They result from lower productivity of consultants (instead of one telephone call, a consultant Dubai Phone Number List could write at least two e-mails and handle several chat conversations at the same time) and telecommunications costs. Therefore, it is economical to velop and provi customers with other communication channels and encourage them to use them. However, the telephone remains the most popular e-commerce channel . While in various areas telephone service is replac by contact via other channels.

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Constant service by the same consultantseller

One should not expect a rapid cline in the use of the telephone by customers for general questions, complaints and complaints. Telephone communication is also beneficial for sellers , due to the high efficiency of collect information about customers and velop relationships with customers that favor their loyalty. Telephone contact is still the pillar BTC Database EU of customer service, although alternative communication channels are increasly us by buyers in certain areas. Online stores, as well as other B C companies – if they want to fight for loyal customers – must at the same time take care of a high level of telephone service and full integration of data flow from all channels available to customers, the omnichannel strategy.

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