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It may then be necessary to settle VAT. This is confirm by the recent interpretation of the director of the National Tax Information. Remuneration for unlawful use of real estate is also associat with the right to claim damages. Malwina PasternakJanik The government has adopt another package of changes in VAT VAT TAX ADVISOR EU LAW The changes in VAT adopt on Tuesday are aim at adapting Polish law to the provisions of the European Union on combating tax fraud. It is primarily about strengthening cooperation between tax administrations payment service providers. The changes will affect banks crit institutions.

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February  You have to pay VAT when the sale goes  of private property HOME FINANCE VAT ACCOUNTING TAX ADVISOR A VAT payer is an entity that undertakes activities that go beyond the scope of ordinary management of private Armenia Mobile Number List property. If, in connection with the sale of plots of l own jointly by a spouse, the owner will not perform activities subject to VAT, as indicat in the recently publish tax interpretation, he will not be oblig to settle VAT in connection with the sale. Malwina PasternakJanik Czytaj w PIT settlements for according to the new tax scale Krzysztof Koślicki Krzysztof Kazmierski PIT  NEWS Date add The general principles of personal income taxation consist in the use of a tax scale.

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In Pol currently from July , there are two rates of percent. The application of the correct rate depends on the amount of income earn during the tax year. The taxfree amount is ,  The tax scale tax thresholds are specifi in Art. of the PIT Act From July they BTC Database EU are as follows With a tax base of up to , , the tax is is additionally ruc by , With a tax base of over , , the tax is ,surplus over , Importantly, the rules for calculating tax according to the tax scale applicable from July apply to income revenue earn by taxpayers from January , Article of the Act of June , amending the Personal Income Tax Act certain other acts.

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