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Spite the velopment of new communication channels, the popularity of the telephone in e-commerce has remain almost unchang for several yearsPhone, chat or Facebook – the choice does not always termine age Younger Internet users are more likely to use digital channels – mobile applications, chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, when choos a channel of communication with the seller, channel preferences lose their importance, or more precisely – they are important for only % of buyers (Corporate Executive Board , CX Act , LoudHouse ). For most customers, the most important th is the effect – whether they can quickly get an answer to a question or solve a problem.

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Expect to solve the problem at the first contact with the consultant, when they use the phone. Perhaps improv the service in digital channels will ruce the use of the phone by customers, at least in simpler matters. Customers, especially the young Denmark Cell Phone Number List and middle generation, are open to new ths and want to communicate online (CX Act , Millennial Research , Global Contact Center Benchmark Report ). However, today they still trust the effectiveness of contact over the phone the mostDifficult and urgent matters – over the phone With general questions about the offer, customers appreciate.

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Live contact directly in the store by phone

Less often – via chat – because it gives the opportunity to “enquire” (CX Act , Customer Service Benchmark ). Also in the case of complaints and complaints, customers most often reach for the phone, pend on the industry, sometimes on a par with BTC Database EU send an e-mail. The telephone is also the most common choice when time is of the essence for customers . Research shows that customers consir the phone to be the fastest service channel – most customers expect to get ths done within minutes when contact by phone and all day when contact via social mia (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or e-mail (LoudHouse study conduct in most velop countries in the world in.

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