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Contacting you do not contact those who expect this contact – you lose” data and contacts. Lack of systems integration – summary of losses To sum up – working on separate systems, you expose yourself to a rapidly growing number of errors, time loss and customer dissatisfaction. Ultimately, this affects the performance of your contact center and the quality of customer service suffers , which directly translates into your bottom line . In the next post, we will review the benefits of integrating CRM and call center systems. The price of the goods, the spe of service and the cost of shipping – these are the “traditional” criteria for choosing goods and services by the customer.

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More aware and manding, and prices are taking a back seat. Let’s see the most important customer service factors to keep in mind – and how they relate to each other. Let’s illustrate our most important factors in customer service in an unusual A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers but pleasant way – with a holiday example. Welcome to Alsace! (Self-)customer service You are at the Altkirch train station in Alsace. French city, German name – this place has a rich history. You want to buy a train ticket to the fortress city of Belfort. See the giant statue of a lion by Bartholdi (signer of the Statue of Liberty), a plaque dicat to the Polish fenrs of the fortress and the fortress itself. There is a queue to the ticket office.

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Like talking to the cashier. You speak little French. You’ve already found out that you won’t get along with the cashier in English either. The mere thought that you are to talk about a % discount and ask for a (ruc) bicycle ticket makes you want to leave. But BTC Database EU on the platform you spot a self-service machine. You choose the language (Anglais). After seconds, you know how to operate the machine and you buy discount tickets for yourself and your bike. Application? We like self-service, and we often ne it. This is particularly visible on websites. Already, % of customers expect self-service options on your website. Gartner’s priction that by the vast majority of customer-to-business interactions will be self-service is coming true faster.

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