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A good contact center system should have a tool that allows you to program automatic handl of lack of contact. It’s even better if it allows you to fine entire rules, not just individual values. If the person we are call does not answer the phone the system sets itself when we will try to contact them again and how many contact attempts we should make. A frequent cause of the problem with contact with the customer in call centers even those that have such a possibility is not us such a machine. The consultant laboriously sets up a new contact each time and loses time.

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The system when it doesn’t get through, it can click on the next contact, and the rest of the work is done for it by the machine. Callback rules are Sri Lanka Mobile Number List invaluable help in automat the work of consultants. Callback rules in a flowchart (as in the animation below) eliminate the ne to manually manage customer recontact setts and record closure on multiple fail call attempts. Error Failure to distuish the reason for the lack of contact and the appropriate response to it Treat all fail customer contact attempts in the same way is also a serious mistake. We should react completely differently to a miss call than to a busy one. For example, take this into account when sett the time of recontact.

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Try in minutes and if someone does not answer we can safely postpone the contact even for a few hours. Don’t be afraid to close your contacts if someone stubbornly doesn’t pick up again. This is another common management mistake. Is it worth BTC Database EU call the same person times, hop that one time he will pick up? Of course, it pends on how much such contact cost us, but usually it is not worth mak so many calls in vain. This time is better spent on other contact. Let us also remember about the special service of the socall private contacts. These should always be treat differently in these types of algorithms.

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