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The condition of not collecting tax on interest discounts on treasury securities treasury bills bonds was also eas. The changes may simplify the settlement of withholding tax. Wieslawa Moczydlowska January , The obligations of withholding tax payers will be relax CIT PIT INTERNATIONAL TAXES Companies persons settling withholding tax due from their foreign partners will be given additional time to submit important documents. It’s about the ability to disable the cumbersome “payrefund” mechanism. The Minister of Finance is to issue an ordinance on this matter. Permanent easing of these obligations is to take place from Pawel Rochowicz August , Withholding tax will be settl more favorably.

Only one declaration per year

Will be submitt by companies in order to favorably settle the withholding tax on the income of their foreign partners. This is suppos to be a procural simplification, but only from January , This year, there are still burdensome rules forcing companies Tongliao Phone Number List to pay this tax then try to get it back. Pawel Rochowicz Taxation of dividends with withholding tax under the microscope of the tax office CIT TAX ADVISOR INTERNATIONAL TAXES Tax authorities are increasingly verifying the legitimacy of applying exemptions from withholding tax. Inspections initiat concern both current past tax periods. However, it is worth bearing in mind that more restrictive rules for applying these exemptions.

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Which the tax office does not always remember when questioning payers’ settlements, write Deloitte experts. Bartosz Barański Jakub Pachecka June , The Shell Directive will affect the withholding tax TAX ADVISOR EU LAW On December last year, the BTC Database EU European Commission prepar a draft directive aim at preventing the abuse of front companies for tax purposes the socall ATAD directive. One of the most important areas to be cover by the new regulations is the issue of withholding tax. The impact of the changes on current practice may be even greater than it seems at first glance.

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