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In a situation where telephone contact is difficult or even impossible, we can support ourselves with an integrat communication channel for example, by email or SMS. This strategy works very well in bt collection, but also in telemarket. If we cannot reach the call, the customer does not answer we send an SMS right after the contact attempt. You can also send an SMS with the option of reply, thanks to which someone can orr an immiate contact. You can use mass text messages to numbers that could not be reach and inclu the necessary information in them.

A good contact center system should

Enable mass send and receiv of SMS messages and creat their templates. Same with emails. Callup actions also work well. First, we do mail to the database, and then we call those who open the email. Properly done mail can have a conversion Russia Mobile Number List of and on a good basis, and if we combine such an action with a telephone we can exce even . The contact center platform for multichannel communication with the customer will allow for increas the effectiveness of sales campaigns, increas the number of sales opportunities, or improv the results of bt collection. Thanks to the automation of activities, the number of calls ma by consultants can increase by up to , while increas efficiency.

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Tailor to the nes of the company and will not abuse employees’ time. The contact center system allows you to use the full potential of the sales team BTC Database EU without revolutionary changes in its structure. Therefore, it is worth expand knowlge about the system’s capabilities and implement functionalities in accordance with the intifi nes in the company. Not call your customers? Find out what mistakes you’re mak and fix them! Problems with contact with the customer are the biggest pain of telemarket, but also of telephone bt collection.

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