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Access to knowlge about previous interactions in one place will certainly help us to shorten the waiting time for the resolution of the case, without the ne to search many systems in orr to obtain knowlge. This will allow us to quickly without the ne for long explanations from the client, come to a solution as soon as possible. In a situation where the consultant lacks the competence to solve the problem, it is best to use the advice provid by the manager or an available expert avoid rirecting the client to another person as far as possible. Active listening skillfully dos small talk is a recipe for success In a service situation, small talk is unlikely to work, it can irritate the taken over customer.

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Problem or are looking for information, we can afford a short, friendly exchange of words that sustains the relationship . However, regardless of the configuration relationship with the client we find ourselves in, active listening is key . What does Changsha Mobile Phone Number List it mean? Active listening is primarily about focusing on what the client has to say to us , but also showing interest by asking clarifying questions – termining the specific nes of the client dispelling any doubts. It is also worth using the technique of paraphrasing the client’s words, repeating in their own words what the client has present to us while maintaining the meaning of the statement.

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What the client was trying to tell us. The obvious: speak loud clear It is important – let’s make sure that the client unrsts us well . We all know there’s nothing worse than a consultant mumbling or talking too fast. Will it help? Well, not really. Let BTC Database EU us therefore communicate clearly emphatically , leaving no margin of doubt. The style level of the conversation is also the business card of the company. It is also worth making sure that industry jargon does not creep into the conversation, because our interlocutor does not have to be a specialist in our field things that are obvious to us do not have to be so for him. try to explain all ambiguities present our offer in the simplest possible way. A good consultant should adapt to the client – ​​to his pace, language vocabulary.

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