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However this approach does not work. If someone does not expect a contact from us, then if they have not pick up now, they certainly will not do it in minutes, probably not in half an hour, and probably not in an hour either. He is at work, driv or just busy. Let’s try in or hours. However, if the client expects our contact, then we try again, but let’s not be intrusive. “fresh” contacts and in the follow days are enough. Remember that we usually still have a large database to call. Let’s not focus on one contact. Mistake “Bundl” recontacts Automatic callback rules are a great tool, but if us incorrectly, they can cause a lot of problems.

One of them is the socall bundl effect

After some time of work with the base, the periods of poor reception begin to accumulate. This happens because we’ve set a rule to call again in , or hours Taiwan Mobile Number List after a miss call (it’s enough if it’s a multiple of ). Very often people do not take calls at certain times, between . and . , because they are simply at work at that time. It is enough that such a person does not pick up in the morn, once in the afternoon and we have an automatic recontact set for the morn (which will again be miss) and will return again in the morn. Let’s add to this the prictive dialer , which very quickly goes through miss calls and there will be more and more of these contacts every day.

Phone Number List

Because we dont close contacts

Right Thus we lead to a situation in which we build downtimes of several minutes at work. We basically set ourselves contacts for one hour, which will finitely not be pick up. Problems with customer contact? entertainment repeat every day! The solution is BTC Database EU very simple avoid constant intervals of recontacts. No every hours. Better, for example, for morn contacts after the first miss call in . hours after the second in hours after the third in hYou dial the helpline number and hear a busy signal. And so a dozen times. How many times has this happen to you? The problem with call a company, institution or clinic is one of the most irritat obstacles in obtain service.

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