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The classification stage manual classification significantly extends the handl time the processes of accept notifications are to a low gree automat they are often limit to an automatic response confirm the receipt of the notification in the event of an increase in the number of notifications (special situations, failures) the system becomes overload and the quality and spe of service suffers, and this is a critical moment when the client may ci to change the service provir investment in improv the spe of accept applications high costs (increas the number of employees, train, workstations), often the ne for outsourc high costs and ruc control over service processes Hence the huge interest in tools previously reserv only for the largest players on the market.

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Employee and automate repetitive activities. Previously, these activities requir human intervention, knowlge and cisions, for example, whether Ukraine Mobile Number List the email receiv was a complaint or a request to buy a service. Currently, solutions that are able to replace the consultant in routine activities and rirect his attention to more complex problems are available to almost everyone. AIbas technologies are becom more common and cheaper to implement. Thanks to ucation in this area, more and more corporations and large enterprises notice how large amounts of data they collect and take up the challenge of process them us new technologies Artificial intelligence and problem solv Focus AI Focus AI is just an example of such technology.

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That plac between your company mail server and the Focus Contact Center system, allows you to analyze the content of messages and classify them accord to the categories you specify. Focus AI also allows you to indicate meanful phrases in the BTC Database EU content. such as. name and surname, PESEL number or address. Thanks to this, the bot can not only recognize with precision equal to the human. intention of the person who writes to us. but also can complete the fields of the form with the requir information that it can inpenntly find in the content. This mol of Focus AI operation combin with the Focus sk ticket handl system allows. for advanc automation of activities relat to the receipt of tickets and the quality and spe of their handl.

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