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At the German Institute for Marketing Brand workshop on the digitization. Of a brand The digital transformation of our society is constantly making new demands on brands. How can digital communication channels or new  the brand portfolio How do you reach younger target groups without losing the establish approaches A digitization workshop can reveal creative ways and approaches for digital brand management. Of course it is always primarily about brand communication but the question of digital services or other brand experiences along the customer journey also develop possibilities and further commercialization opportunities for brands. Such a brand workshopshould of course prepar in a structur way and provide.

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The preparatory work for a meaningful discussion in the team in order to trigger real further development. a variety of initiatives in companies Macedonia Phone Number List have come to nothing. Perhaps the approaches were not effective there was not enough commitment or the implementation was simply inadequate. Such an approach is tter establish with a structur process and holistic implementation model. Digital Brand ManagerDIM Creative brand workshop for new campaigns Always the same mishmash No new impulses and approaches Is sales simply falling asleep A creative brand workshop provides ideas approaches new impulses new imagery and communication ideas With a campaign workshop you can align your brand.

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Communication with the relevant personas and their customer journey. Creative effective and align with the integrat brand values .  sales turnover and BTC Database UK orders. In a campaign workshop we work with. You using our special tool the DIM Campaign Template. To develop an effective brand campaign that will trigger more effectiveness in your target group. Find out more about our campaign management seminar on our website: Campaign management seminar In our campaign management seminar you will learn the essential techniques for designing your marketing campaigns in a target-orient manner. You will deal with the planning implementation and monitoring of all marketing activities of your company.

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