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Development of a new brand Especially for start-ups or new companies as part of business development processes it makes sense to cooperatively coordinate brand development with the help of one or more workshops. From our experience a stagger sequence of different brand workshops from a kick-off / positioning workshop to employee workshops and customer workshops can provide a holistic view of one’s own brand or brand portfolio. In the various workshops you get different perspectives on your own brand and can thus create the necessary brand platformfill up. In addition to the classic positioning questions the question of future brand communication and the.

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Design of brand-relevant sales channels can also address. For this purpose the DIM uses the DIM brand platform which contains all dimensions relat to Luxembourg Phone Number List the brand. DIM brand platform Armin WorkshopIn the workshops with the out our to the professional and very structur support. With the help of state-of-the-art tools and the questions and clear structure of the DIM experts we were given the opportunity to get to the heart of our content. We are extremely satisfi with the chosen approach and can definitely recommend it. far exce our expectations! Armin Neises Managing Director at WAVES S.à.rl Brand workshop for repositioning a brand Customer nes change and markets may place new demands on an establish brand.

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How can a new Blue Ocean found How can you reactivate a brand that has perhaps fallen asleep A brand’s reaction to new and different competitors BTC Database UK can also a strategic reason for a brand workshop ! Changes in brand management should approach in a structur manner in order not to let the impulse for change fizzle out and any existing ideas and vision for future brand managementto put it on a broader foundation to generate a commitment from those involv and thus to decide on a strategic action plan. A workshop is also very helpful in this context to reflect on the continuation of one or more brands. Unfortunately the life cycle of a brand has occasionally come to an end and with the help of a structur workshop/brand project.

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