The Theory of Building Amazing Deals


Zalora’s highest sales in the klang valley which is 33%.
Zalora’s private label products sell the most, this is because they create
Products that “Lookalike branded products”

A total of 3.5 million unique visitors visited zalora

The average visitor who browses the zalora website is around 8 minutes
(the longest time compared to other e-commerce.

 Zalora's highest sales during festive seasons

As a result of the data obtained, zalora website visitors like to make purchases around 9am to 4pm.

15. 30% of sales from phone users and it is increasing over time.

16. Usually they do promotions at certain times (weekends, public holidays, evenings)

17. Zalora buyers consist of 70% women and 30% men.

Buying and selling is a value exchange how to buy bulk phone numbers process. Customers exchange money for products sold by sellers. Selling is offer and buying is demand. Buying and selling does not happen if there is no offer & demand. Selling and buying also usually does not happen if there is no offer that is attractive to the buyer.

When the seller acts to offer the product, the buyer has to act to buy. It’s not easy to get someone to buy. Humans naturally like it if they don’t have to do anything. The seller needs to give a reason why the buyer should buy. And the seller also needs to simplify the buying action process.

Conclusion make the buyer to act fast delay means no sale

There are usually 3 types of offers;

1. Unattracting offer : buy it..I sell it.
2. Normal offer: buy it, don’t lose.
3. Exceptional offer : don’t buy, lose!
Humans are usually easier to act so as not to BTC Database EU lose than to act to get something even if it is of equal value. Eg: it is easier for humans to act so as not to lose car a than to act to get car a.
From this theory, we are able to plan the concept of offer no. 3 that have elements, don’t buy, lose.

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