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The exit of a brand from the market can work out in a structur manner . Prof. Managing Director With new knowlge  success control and communication strategies your next campaign will a success! Find out now about the exact dates and content! Tuesday April campaign managementin Cologne or onlineInform now W / / campaign managementin Cologne or onlineInform now W. . . campaign managementin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Brand workshop for multi-brand & portfolio strategies The question often arises as to how to structure a complete brand portfolio or how to sensibly align a multi-brand strategy. What is already a challenge for a single.

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Brand is multipli with an extensive brand portfolio since different positionings market segments and customer nes usually have to taken into Malta Phone Number List account. A central workshop can bring the actors involv together and provide important impetus for the strategic process of structuring a brand portfolio. Brand workshop with customers internal workshops. should and must of course work for the customer. The exchange with the customer to reflect on the requirements factual and emotional can provide a variety of impulses for brand work. workshop workshop workshop workshop.

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Workshop workshop Why a brand workshop with the DIM Of course the reflex is great to just conduct a brand workshop yourself. It is often argu that BTC Database UK the experience is there and that money can sav. But are you also exploiting the potential that you ne A workshop with external moderation by the DIM offers you a wide range of advantages: Experienc brand consultants give you feback Our experts professionally reflect your brand work Our moderators are neutral and are focus on moderation processes and the goals to achiev Our brand consultants structure the process pay attention to time management and promote balanc participant engagement through a neutral attitude Would you like to nefit from our expertise and conduct a branding workshop Contact us for a personal consultation Bastian Foerster Bastian.

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