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Management and as a result, the station’s success. Even in the face of persistent market turbulence and the challenges it causes. How does our solution Focus Contact Center (FCC) help reputable alerships achieve such effects? By using functionalities tailor to  . High level of availability Focus Contact Center provis your customers with easy contact with the station. The system offers various communication options, let’s look at a few that will help significantly increase the level of accessibility of salon employees. IVR voice menu – integrat with the calendar and opening hours of the alership interactive voice response menu.

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Available hours a day, days a week, announcements inform callers about strategically select information or campaigns. Using the telephone keypad, the customer can settle select issues himself or be instruct about the ne to visit the station. The IVR menu Belize Mobile Number List can be fully adapt to the nes of a given alership. Effect? Customers feel that the station offers them the possibility of contact even when all lines are busy or the station is already clos. They receive select information without having to wait for a connection with an employee. The employees themselves, in turn, save the time they us to spend on handling simple requests and questions.

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This callers feel important to the company

Automatic callback recall the FCC system automatically, according to pretermin rules, calls all callers who for some reason did not reach the station. Thanks to  and their cases are efficiently resolv. They also do not have to look for further offers on the BTC Database EU market, and the probability that they will go to the competition simply by not having contact with the station creases. The sales staff, on the other hand, does not miss a chance to sell or upsell, and maintains good relations with customers, which builds their loyalty. connection queuing – the system allows you to create various connection queuing rules. It consists in managing the queue of callers in such a way as to achieve specific goals.

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