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Instruction answer in the form of a table ChatGPT’s answer to the task of extracting data from text (invisible text) arranging it in a table, with additional data. Limitations of ChatGPT, or when to validate answers Content generat by artificial intelligence can be inaccurate. ChatGPT itself warns us about this immiately after logging in. Especially when we ask for facts or advice on topics such as health, we should verify the answers written by AI tools. ChatGPT cannot assess the accuracy of the information it provis. It uses limit resources of knowlge (until 22), which have been f into the language mol on which it is bas. The content he learn from comes from the web, so it may contain errors false information.

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Harmful content that ChatGPT can generate, its most serious limitation is arguably its high energy environmental costs. More energy is ne to learn algorithms then to generate content than, for example, to search for content on the web. In accordance Tunisia Mobile Number List with the principles of digital ecology, which we have already written about on the blog , it is worth using services such as ChatGPT intentionally replacing them with green alternatives as soon as they appear. Also read Notion – one notebook to rule them all? Save – segregate – automate, or how to effectively control your task list? 6 ways to make your work easier – recommend by the team Obsidian how to set up your knowlge center.

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