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Collect  stor in such a way as to respect the privacy of its users It is also worth mentioning that Google Analytics allows for fully automat analysis, which translates into significant time  energy savings In addition, GA will also keep you updat on important trends  possible anomalies in user actions GA setup with Google Ads Finally, it is also worth mentioning that GA can also be configur with Google Ads To do this, simply run the Google Analytics setup assistant  then change the GA settings in the Bundling products section There you should click on the Connecting to Google Ads button When the next window appears, copy  paste the website url into it.

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After which you will be connect to Google Ads WHO SHOULD IMPLEMENT GOOGLE ANALYTICS ? The new, refresh Google Analytics is undoubtly a very useful tool that will change the face of your company’s website However, there are a few Dominican Republic Mobile Number List industries that you should particularly consider collecting data  optimizing your site with GA  So who should use it? E-shop owners GA should be of interest to anyone who runs an online store In addition, it does not matter what product your company offers This will benefit both people selling clothing, cosmetics, trips  even those operating in the transport industry online Companies that have their own application.

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Should also use it Google Analytics will allow you to  of its user are shap By getting to know them, it will be possible to underst, for example, why, despite placing the products in the basket, the app user did not finalize the order Thus, the previously BTC Database EU underestimat analytics of mobile applications enters a whole new level It allows you to create an effective strategy that will help optimize your website in such a way that it brings even more profits Website developers Another group of people who can greatly benefit from the use of Google Analytics are web developers What’s more, thanks to the Dual Tag function, the GA also allows you to tag without data consequences The GA service simultaneously collects data in the new interface 

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