Have List for Online Traders


Therefore, To make our ecommerce website automatic, we need to use an automatic payment acceptance system.

The good thing when we use a payment gateway (in addition to providing manual bank-in payment) is that we don’t have to change the order status one by one. Therefore, after the customer makes the payment.

Payment gateways will also usually provide various payment options including credit cards, debit cards, fpx, and other local banks.  Therefore, There are payment gateways such as molpay that provide payment options at 7 eleven that make it easier for us to target certain customer segments, for example.

However, to use the payment gateway we need to have a company bank account.

Here is the main reason why many people do not have a payment gateway on their ecommerce website.

Also a mandatory component for an ecommerce website if you use facebook ads (instagram ads).

Facebook pixel for ecommerce websites has what is called “Event tracking” which will record the behavior of visitors on our website.

The picture below is an example of event tracking for an ecommerce website

Therefore, Facebook pixel can also be installed using a plugin for an ecommerce platform.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for those buy phone lists of you who are familiar with the website.

4. Ssl (secure sockets layer)
Make sure your ecommerce website uses ssl to guarantee the security of customer data that interacts with our ecommerce website.

Websites with ssl and without ssl can be distinguished the beginning of the url.

Apart from safety functions & increasing customer confidence, ssl is also good for seo and provides high rankings on search engines.


5. There is company info
Make sure there is a page on our ecommerce website. Therefore, that has information about our company.

This component is for us to comply with the rules set by kpdnkk which requires all online traders to be registered and display company information on their respective websites or sales pages.

The company's ssm registration number

How to contact (telephone number & email)
6. Important police
Among the police pages that must BTC Database EU be on an e-commerce website are:

Therefore, Privacy policy (privacy policy)
Repatriation police and money repatriation police (return & refund policy)
Shipping policy
Terms & conditions
Do not worry. We do not need to appoint a lawyer to draft these policies for us.

Therefore, The easiest way is to just copy & paste these policies from other people’s websites and change them a little according to our wishes.

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