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Distribution channels? How does this relate to the nes  shopping habits of the target group? PROMOTION – COMMUNICATION POLICY This point is about disseminating information  building customer loyalty towards the product How to draw attention to the product or service, how to encourage consumers to potentially purchase the product? This applies not only to advertising slogans  sophisticat packaging, but to sales promotion in general Activities in this area include eg special offers  contests Communication is both externally  internally orient  includes internal communication between managers  employees It is important to define the image of the company  convey it as authentically as possible PEOPLE – PUTTING THE CUSTOMER  EMPLOYEE BACK AT THE CENTER OF THE STRATEGY.

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The fifth P of the marketing mix represents the HR policy as well as the relationship between consumers  the br This is particularly important in the services sector,  in the following two areas of action: consumers have difficulty assessing the Ecuador Mobile Number List value of services because they are not tangible This is extremely important in the advancing era of digitization Therefore, they look for proxy indicators that indicate the quality of the service In the higher ucation sector, one of these key indicators is, for example, high-quality staff It is therefore important for a service.

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Company to find excellent employees  assign them tasks that effectively implement their skills HR policy is a part of marketing instruments, because services are often provid by people  it is them who mainly determine customer satisfaction Coming BTC Database EU back to the consumer, the development of e-commerce enables anyone to buy products from all over the world More active, the customer becomes a kind of actor in the purchasing process He tries new mia, brs Customer loyalty captur in the traditional P has chang, it is often the customer who shapes the relationshi pcustomer loyalty  retention of your offer For this reason, many large companies now consider combining.

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