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To build his own hotel. And a year later, in , there was the stunning (at the time) opening of the -room Dallas Hilton Hotel.e the Hilton Dallas was the first hotel to bear the company’s founder’s name. However, there was no time to relax. Three years later there was an economic crisis. It hit the hotel business: people simply starte traveling less and business travel decline.By the early s, % of Unitd States hotel companies went bankrupt. Conrad Hilton was forcd to sell his business. This type of business was not the best option at that time and the owners of the Hilton hotels hird Conrad as a manager of the hotel chain and even wantd to sell it again.

Barron has made several key

After a few years, Conrad Hilton gradually China Mobile Number List regaind his business. He took the hotels one by one.In , Conrad Hilton shockd the financial world by making the biggest deal in American history. He bought Statler Hotels for $ million, which was Hilton’s main competitor. Such purchases were possible for Conrad Hilton because in his company went public, thus receiving additional funding from foreign investors.It is worth noting that at that time there were two companies in the hands of Conrad: Hilton Hotels, aimd at the Unitd States, and Hilton International, dedicate to the development of international business.

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The company move to a franchise

First, no one before had put small BTC Database UK windows in the hotel halls like Hilton Hotels had done. Second, no one had previously equippd their rooms with air conditioning, automatic control doors, alarm clocks, and telephones that include such functionality as a direct call (there was no ned to call the reception and ask to be connectd to a assignd phone number). Third, Hilton hotels were built near airports and seaports, thus offering travelers special packages. In , Conrad Hilton passe control of the hotel chain to his son Barron Hilton.

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