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The latest version of GA surprises in many ways All because of the possibilities provid by this analytical tool The friendly, slightly innovative interface is just the beginning of what makes them useful Dual tagging Parallel tracking is how Google Analytics is configur What’s more, it also allows you to develop these settings  report Thus, it is still possible to store them securely using Universal Analytics Such double actions serve to optimize the activities on the website events Google Analytics allows you to match almost every step of shopping to a specific action that a user will take on your company’s website This is possible thanks to events.

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That allow you to track every action taken by the user in the mobile application or on the website In addition, from the level of the Google Analytics service panel, you can identify the best marketing channels This, in turn, will have a positive Denmark Cell Phone Number List effect on conversion It is also worth mentioning that the analysis capabilities give a chance to reach the number of users who start several interactions in the mobile application, although they did not decide to make a purchase Enhanc Measurement It’s a set of metrics that are bas on user events that create a specific event along with a parameter Enhanc Measurement allows the use of extensive event tracking across all marketing channels.

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From a single panel Both automatic events (eg application opening)  dicat events can be track in this way This, in turn, allows for even more accurate measurements – in addition, completely without interfering with the website code or GTM tags Better customer journey  customer experience GA is a tool that provides great opportunities to learn BTC Database EU underst user behavior Plus on multiple channels Integrat reporting, advanc metrics, the use of many other analytical tools  efficient data migration are also possible Using the aforemention metrics (Enhanc Measurement) bas on specific user events In addition, it will also allow you to learn the mechanisms that affect the customer experience All thanks to the fact that the use of GA will help identify elements that ruce the customer experience  then eliminate them Better tailor.

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