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Automat customer acquisition In orr to sell service in an online store, we must first acquire customers. Let employees take care of their duties, let the lead generation take care of the systems. An example of effective actions can be the implementation of a plug-in such as the SiteCall we offer . How does it work? It is enough to easily connect it to the website of the online store, customers will start to appear on their own. The plugin displays a message to website visitors, encouraging them to leave their phone number. The leads obtain in this way can be quickly call using the contact center system. Training hints on the way to optimisation Speaking of contact center systems.

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The possibility of recording all conversations with customers, as well as the option of listening to such conversations during. It is an excellent learning material for existing new employees. Optimization of sales customer service processes begins with List of Mobile Phone Numbers proper training of employees who al with these processes. How else can we expect 100% professionalism high efficiency from them? How to improve sales service processes? Ask your customers Who knows better than your customers how you should sell serve them so that they want to buy even recommend your store to their friends? Ask your customers everything you think you know.

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Employees Is your shop’s website easy intuitive? Or maybe customers see a lot of mistakes that can be easily fix? Ask them about it by sending satisfaction surveys. The easiest way to do this is to use the already mention contact center system. Comprehensive customer service communication Yes, as one of the leading velopers suppliers of contact center BTC Database EU systems, we may seem bias when we say that thanks to them, all communication with the customer is comprehensively manag, thus the level of sales, customer loyalty other indicators increase. However, this is the reality. A good contact center system helps in optimizing every activity relat to communication with customers in an online store. What does this mean in practice? Below are just a few select examples.

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