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Downloading content from the Internet – here the pool of keywords is definitely wider, as product names (alone or combin with the words shop, buy), as well as names of services with a location locksmith kraków, as well as words relat to various types of shopping occasions, such as “promotion”, “cheap”, etc., pre-transaction analysis – an intention combining the features of the two previous ones, indicating the desire to find opinions about a product, a store or to compare specific devices, an example here may be “dentist blacksmith opinions” or “realme 8 pro test”, navigation – in this case.

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The user has a clearly defin goal – reaching the website of a specific br, company, institution or person, but does not want to enter  it or it isfor example, too long) youtube, 4F or MTWeb. Your website should be able to respond to the user at each of these Denmark Mobile Number Database stages – then you get the best chance of acquiring a customer. Keyword grouping The combination of search intentions with knowlge of the offer should result in the division of keywords into groups. Among them, basic sets are usually distinguish br phrases – with the name of the br, range phrases.

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Generally describing the offer – with a large search range, but low conversion potential, product phrases – directing to a specific product or , knowlge phrases – directing to a blog or knowlge base – content that comprehensively discusses the issues of your industry. Clustering is a very important element of keyword analysis . On this basis, you BTC Database EU will be able to determine the content nes of the site – regarding not only the content, but above all its structure. Generally or locally? Already at the stage of keyword analysis, it is also worth determining whether the position website is to reach users throughout the country, or maybe only to residents of a specific region.

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