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This additionally popularizes the for specific nes. WebRTC versus VoIP technology On the Internet you can find articles compar VoIP and WebRTC, mostly announc the end of VoIP and replac it with a new standard. This approach is inherently wrong because they are different categories of concepts. VoIP is a concept – send voice over the Internet – implement with the help of infrastructure, protocols and standards. The WebRTC technology , on the other hand, is a standard set of communication tools. You can’t really compare one to the other. In simple terms, WebRTC is a way to transmit a data stream, audio or vio, directly from the browser.

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On the other hand, is a set of technologies that enable telephone calls to be ma via the Internet. We can easily combine it and use WebRTC to implement VoIP.” Thanks to WebRTC, we have even more possibilities when it comes to VoIP, because Turkey Mobile Number List for example, you can prepare a telephone application that you do not have to install and which will be embd in the website or in the web panel of your service. You go to the website, plug in your headphones and microphone and you can talk to any number in the world or call customer service.” Włodzimierz Sumiński, Project Manager at Focus Telecom Polska Application of WebRTC technology Our Webphone uses WebRTC.

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For a specific task, cooperation with the multi-channel Focus Contact Center platform. With Webphone, you don’t ne an external phone, just download the free app. Webphone is automatically configur with Focus Contact Center – you don’t waste time BTC Database EU sett up phones. You just plug the headphones into the computer, log into the system and make a call.Read the case study of the implementation of Focus Contact Center and Focus SiteCall at Hotel Bania Thermal & Ski in Białka Tatr zańska. Hotel Bania Thermal & Ski is one of the key drivers of the velopment of Białka Tatrzańska, which has grown from a small Podhale village into a contenr for the title of the winter capital of Poland.

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