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Location It is very important that the targeting options take into account the age of the customer  the location of the ads After all, we don’t want to show ads for youth sports shoes to people over  Reaching your audience bas on location is just as important Ads Manager allows us to select users bas on where they live It is worth remembering not to advertise shops locat in Gdańsk to people who live in Silesia The upper phase of the marketing funnel is the time when potential buyers are just discovering your websites, so you want as many of them as possible However, your ad.

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Should only reach those who will have a real chance of buying a product from your company MIDDLE OF THE MARKETING FUNNEL: WHAT CAN WE CONSIDER? At this point in the funnel, people who see your ads start generating clicks Cayman Islands Mobile Number List look at your website Bas on the websites plac in the advertisements, they will assess which company they want to trust  who to entrust their money to The links you click will tell us a lot about customer behavior  what they actually expect from your company The user goes from the phase of discovering offers to being an interest customer The visitor will decide at this stage whether to take advantage of your offer.

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The Lower Part Of The Funnel Ie

Maybe look for something from a competitor At this point, it is worth providing the potential customer with content that will strengthen their belief that the product contain in your ad is exactly what they are looking for Make sure that your website BTC Database EU provides the necessary information  presents the advantages of the company or a specific online store Highlighting the benefits that the customer will get when using your company’s services is very important The customer may be satisfi after using the services of your company  may even be willing to recommend the services to family or friends But why.

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