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Meta tags are elements that largely determine whether a given person will want to visit the given address. Therefore, they should be encouraging – in the description it is worth including a call to action the benefits of your website. example meta title meta description Update your sitemap move your analytics tags Another important step is to update your sitemap This is due to the fact that the rebuilding process may have chang the links contain in it. The new version of the map should be upload to Google Search Console. However, if the domain has chang, remember to verify it again by entering the TXT in the DNS records. In addition to the sitemap, you should also take care of analytical tags.

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Google Analytics Google Tag Manager. Both the sitemap analytical tags are very important from the point of view of analytics not losing important data, so you should not forget about them. Ill-consider website reconstruction positioning Jordan Phone Number List Positioning is a time-consuming process, but it gives long-term results. However, all the effects obtain can be easily wast – sometimes only ill-consider changes on the website are enough. Its incompetent reconstruction may result in a drastic decrease in visibility , which in turn leads to a decrease in traffic a lack of interest in the products or services offer. Ultimately, this leads to a decrease in sales or ruc conversion from inquiries.

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Should be a well-plann activity. Theoretical knowlge alone is sometimes not enough – with more complex activities, practical technical skills support by experience are also necessary. In a situation where the changes requir on the website are advanc you BTC Database EU are worri about losing traffic, it is worth using the help of specialists Thanks to this, you will minimize the chances of negative effects you will be sure that the website will be optimiz in the right way. Order a free quote! Summary Changes to the website should not be spontaneous. They often have a significant impact on SEO, so it is worth taking care of their proper implementation.

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