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Turns out that the same element of the offer is search for at least a few,  a dozen or so ways. Even a very experienc specialist will not be able to find them all at once – it takes time observation of customer behavior.Click through rate  Click-through rate measures how often people interact with your ad after seeing it. Thanks to this, you can know the effectiveness of the advertisement. Depending on the type of ad the industry in which you advertise, CTRs can vary significantly. You have to judge for yourself whether your CTR is good or not whether you can improve it. Example of difference: If you think your CTR is low, consider what you can change about your ads to better , better represent your business, encourage user interaction.

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Cost per conversion NOTE: You must have conversion tracking properly set up to see information in this column. Conversion is one of the most important elements in assessing the effectiveness of a campaign. On the other h, the cost per conversion tells France Phone Number List you how much it costs you on average to acquire it. If you know your business well, you can roughly estimate the cost per conversion you ne to make your goal profitable. Average cost per conversion varies across industries, but try to get as low a cost per conversion as possible. To ruce the cost of conversion, regularly analyze your account at various levels implement well-thought-out optimization change.

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Adjustments control where your ads are display, control when your ads are display. Conversion Rate NOTE: You must have conversion tracking properly set up to see information in this column. Conversion rate shows how often an ad interaction leads BTC Database EU to a conversion. This value is calculat by dividing the number in the “Conversions” column by the total (clicks or impressions for video ads). As with cost per conversion, conversion rates will also vary by industry. If you think your conversion rate is low, you might want to consider whether the potential customer got what they were looking for after going from the ad to the website.

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