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Comfortably on the CRM system (work on customer cards insi the CRM).monitoring the interaction of store employees with customers, greater efficiency of the sales team BOK, use the full power of systems us in key areas of the organization, maintaining the highest safety stards. How to optimize sales customer service processes? Optimizing processes in an online store may seem like a difficult complex process. in some cases it is. Fortunately, nowadays we have tools at our disposal that make this task much easier. We are talking here, among others about the CRM system , online sales platform or contact center system . How to choose the necessary ones from the many options available on the market optimize their integrat functionalities for maximum effects? Sales customer service in the online store.

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Processes to the cloud is the basis for a secure, scalable, effective, flexible morn business. Why is it worth it? The numbers speak for themselves. By 2023, the market for public cloud services is expect to reach $623.3 billion globally. 94% of enterprises List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu already use a cloud service. 30% of all IT budgets are spent on cloud computing. 66% of enterprises creat a team to improve cloud solutions. On average, organizations use almost 5 different cloud platforms. 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million annually on cloud services. By 2025, data stor in cloud data centers will exce 100 Zettabytes. Integration of all systems us in our online store We recently wrote an extensive article on this topic.

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Click here: Integration of IT systems in an online store with a call contact center system – why is it worth it? You can also check out our infographic: Automation its growing role in an online store After switching to systems operating in the SaaS mol, we are only one step away from automating processes repetitive activities. There are many in the BTC Database EU online store. An example may be the process of communication with customers on pretermin dates or for specific reasons. A good contact center system provis us with the ability to automatically send offer e-mails at a convenient time, when the product that we previously sold to customers is probably already finish. Campaigns creat with the real nes of customers in mind, implement when the customer actually feels a real ne, direct to an e-mail address that has been previously verifi, can be really effective.

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