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Does it guarantee you SLA? SLA – Service Level Agreement – ​​is an agreement between you and the contact center service provir, guarantee you a specific level of service availability. If you don’t have such a contract, you have no assurance that your contact center will be operational when you ne it and that any failures will be repair immiately. This can mean long downtimes and losses, with limit possibility of obtain compensation. The subject of the lack of SLA appears rarely, which is a pity, because it allows you to avoid surprise and disappointment later. You should treat the lack of an SLA as a lack of a guarantee: the supplier is unable to ensure the proper operation of his product.

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You can read more about SLA in this article.  SiteCall Increase from the traffic on your website even twice. With Focus SiteCall you will use a proven mechanism – the visitor to your website only gives his phone number, and you call him within Mexico Mobile Number List seconds – is it really CallPage competition? Thanks to this tool, one of our clients from the travel industry generat nearly leads in less than three weeks. Focus SiteCall gives you high quality calls , favorable prices and the ability to place SiteCall on any number of subpages and domains. You will sign the contract in the mol of your choice, which best suits the nes of your company – for a year, two years or an infinite period.

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Manag SiteCall is very simple you click and select the appropriate options, you don’t ne to be an IT specialist. You have full control over your SiteCall, you ci about colors, text, and when it will appear, for example, when the visitor wants to leave the BTC Database EU page (so-call exit popup), after a time you set, or after scroll to a certain place on the page. You can add user accounts, direct calls to select consultants, as well as monitor all calls and analyze statistics. Focus SiteCall is available as a standalone solution however, if you want to extend its capabilities, you can easily connect it to the multi-channel communication platform Focus Contact Center.

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