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Which also applies to the stationary PBX (so the calculation is relatively simple) No ne to purchase and connect a telephone exchange is also associat with easier configuration of the virtual exchange . Instead of service and technical support, all you ne to do is purchase the service on the website of the company offer such solutions. Configuration is done via the web panel and can be done completely remotely . We can get all the help we ne through various channels, such as: telephone, e-mail or chat with the company from which we purchas the service. The cloud is a virtual online disk, which means that the data stor on it are available from anywhere in the world.

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Team can work, remotely , worry about the location. This is an advantage that a stationary exchange can only dream about, not to mention the fact that it takes up space in the office in the form of not only the vice itself, but also cables, which we will Paraguay Mobile Number List not experience in the case of the cloud. The logistic puzzle (where to put it?) is solv like a Gordian knot. Remote employees (sales, service) can be easily connect with the virtual switchboard , which helps to keep all communication in one place. VOIP telephone for companies It looks like a regular telephone, but instead of be connect to a “traditional” telephone line, it is connect to the Internet.

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It uses the infrastructure that you already have in your company , you do not have to tighten telephone cables and incur additional costs of their maintenance. Lower phone costs Compar to “traditional telephony”, this is its greatest advantage. In BTC Database EU orr not to write too long, here’s how you save by choos VoIP: Initial costs – once VoIP was associat with a high price, now the prices are lower, and enter the system does not require infrastructure and people to operate it – all you ne is the Internet and simple configuration. Calls over the Internet – or VoIP – between the company’s branches are free. The difference is greatest if your company has an office abroad. Then you will save the most on the cost of international calls.

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