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Outbound campaigns.In cember, the sale of short-term loans, the so-call payday loans, increases by nearly %. Olr people borrow more often for the holidays themselves, younger ones – for gifts. How do they ci to use the services of a given lenr? Why do some loan companies record a several hundr percent increase in sales, and others only a small increase? The increase in interest in loans begins as early as November. This is when we start to think about Christmas expenses, especially if we are planning large family gatherings or buying an expensive gift. And we spend more and more on gifts – this year by nearly percent. more than last year (oitte report.

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Short-term loans. How to get a borrower? The first step is to get the attention of potential customers. In other words, making people aware of the existence of the product itself – short-term cash loans that can be taken with almost no formalities. At this Austria Phone Numbers List stage, the potential customer realizes that such products exist and can be us if necessary. However, attention is not the same as interest. The attention of the whole society was once attract by advertisements for Always sanitary napkins, because they publicly touch on a previously taboo topic. A funny advertisement for nture glue was the subject of memes creat by teenagers. In orr to win the interest of customers, lenrs must show in their advertisements, through telemarketing or other messages.

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The situation of the potential customer. Are you waiting for your grandchildren to arrive? We will help you make this Christmas unforgettable for them!”, “Are your children also waiting for Santa Claus? With our loan, gifts will really light the youngest”, This BTC Database EU Christmas, show her how much you love her. A small loan is enough to make you special to her again.” Customers already know about the product, are already interest in it and start thinking about the specifics of the offer. A clear message is important at this stage. The willingness to take out a loan is greater if information about the company is clear – be it on the website, in the press or even on a poster. Where can you take a loan?

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