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But others join Skanderbeg’s SS division and help to deport some local Jews to Bergen-Belsen of whom were gass or shot dead there.During this year the construction of the first Jewish museum of Kosovo will begin in the city of Prizren with the help of Albanian-American Muslims in the New York area. The complex will also include a synagogue even though Kosovo – % of whom believe in Islam – is home to only Jews.The museum-synagogue project is l by Votim Demiri the -year-old patriarch of Kosovo’s Jewish community.

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The consulate general of Kosovo in New York organiz the business delegation to Prishtina and Prizren as well as the meetings of its members Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List with Prime Minister Haradinaj and other high officials.In mieval times Prizren was the capital of the entire Serbian Empire. During World War II and until the breakup of Yugoslavia in – Serbia was the largest of the six republics that make up the Yugoslav feration. It also controll Kosovo until the latter’s unilateral declaration of independence inIsrael is reluctant to recognize.

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Relations with Serbia; it also does not want to set a precent by giving “ammunitionto Palestinian demands for statehood. Likewise five of the EU member states have reject relations with Kosovo: Cyprus Greece Romania Spain and Slovakia.But BTC Database EU attitudes may soften if Serbia and its former autonomous province can agree on mutual recognition and eventual admission to the European Union and NATO.“As a Jew I am grateful for what the Albanian people did during the Holocaust” Mintz said of Haradinaj who has been Kosovo’s prime minister since September “That interest me in learning about Kosovo and maybe investing here.

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